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Sunday / July 22.
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MOOving and shaking in marcomms: Cassandra Dinino

Cassandra Dinino

Cassandra Dinino is Marketing & Communications Consultant for yoghurt manufacturer, MOO. Her role encompasses social media, PR, copy-writing, event management and marketing. She tells us: “No day is ever the same! I’ve always absolutely loved reading, writing and being creative, and so I was very lucky in that I knew from an early age what I wanted from my career. I went on to study a Bachelor of Journalism (sub-majoring in Public Relations) and since then have worked in various PR, communication and marketing roles, predominately in the lifestyle industry.”

Your job title encompasses Marketing and Communications. It’s not unusual in business to see that – realistically, how do you juggle two different fields?
Fortunately Marketing and Communications are really closely linked and work in harmony; you can’t have one without the other. With this in mind, the juggle is not really all that hard and simply comes down to prioritisation. There will be days when I’m pumping out copy for social media, or need to get media kits out, and other days when I’m working on marketing strategy. I generally find that the two fields currently mould into one for me, and both require a similar skill set and creative thought process, which helps! In saying that, MOO also has a Sales & Marketing Manager, which allows me to focus more on Communications, which is my specialty.

MOO has a great social media presence and personality – tell us a bit about how that is managed.
Thank you – we wanted to create a consistent voice that reflected our fun, cheeky, contemporary brand and we think this really comes through in all our comms, from social media posts, to website copy and the product descriptions on our tubs. As part of my role it’s important to maintain this brand personality in every piece of communication, especially social media, which is quickly becoming one of our key channels. I manage all our digital accounts and make sure to write and schedule all our posts in advance to ensure a continual stream of content and social media presence. We have such a fun, passionate team culture here at MOO, so our brand personality is really very similar to our own, personal characters.


What social media software do you use?
The most relevant and active social media channels for MOO are MOO on Facebook and Instagram, as they tie in nicely with our brand content and target market. So when it comes to social media software I keep it really simple – Facebook already allows you to schedule posts and has great analytics; for Instagram I use a program called ScheduGram, which is fantastic as it allows you to schedule Instagram posts. I also use Bitly, a program which converts long web links to a ‘bitly’ link, where you can then easily track the number of clicks; for example, if you share a blog post on Facebook the actual post might not get huge ‘likes’, but the clicks on the blog link could be a totally different story. This is where Bitly comes in handy!

Do you use a content calendar? Does the entire MOO team help you brainstorm or do you tend to lead content ideas?
I’m a bit of an organisational geek and love a good list, so a content calendar is vital in allowing me to effectively plan and schedule relevant content, ensuring I don’t miss anything! For us it’s as simple as an Excel spreadsheet, categorised into PR, Social Media, Blog Posts, Recipes, EDMS and Events. I then plug in any key internal or external news and events which will help dictate the type of content we use. For example, are we launching a new product, what season is it, is Mother’s Day coming up? All these themes determine the type of content we publish. I try to plan 3-months ahead and regularly go in and update depending on what else has popped up. It’s my job to lead content ideas, but if I’m doing a big brainstorm I’ll sit down with our Sales & Marketing Manager who will also have input.

Are you able to share with our readers, the results of a specific MOO communications campaign?
Without a doubt one of our biggest communications campaigns was our rebrand. There were 3 key messages to communicate:
1. Our new look and product range
2. Our business expansion and creation of more local jobs
3. National distribution, which meant introducing the MOO brand to a national market
Through a combination of targeted media releases and kits, social media posts, EDMs (electronic direct marketing, aka e-newsletters) and a fresh new website, we were able to successfully convey all key three messages. This generated 2,000 clicks to the website in the first month of launch and a significant increase in social media reach + engagement. Communications also played an essential role in positioning MOO as a premium yoghurt market leader, and allowed us to create a personable brand that consumers could relate to, understand and engage with.

What advice would you give a third year PR student?
The age-old, timeless piece of advice – get as much experience as you can! Work experience, internships and volunteer roles will put you in good stead to stand out in a competitive industry. It’s important to remember that regardless of whether you’re getting paid, all experience is invaluable and will stand out on your resume. Be pro-active and contact organisations you’d love to be involved with, volunteer in uni co-curricular activities related to your field or perhaps your current job needs someone to do their social media.

It’s also important to remember that the industry is evolving, and these days PR can encompass everything from traditional publicity, to digital media, communications, event management and marketing. Don’t limit yourself and be open to jobs with these words in their titles so you can keep expanding your skills!

Time for a fun question: what are some of the perks of working with Moo? Do you get to wander about and taste things?
Let’s just say I definitely receive my daily intake of calcium! We have a staff shelf full of yoghurt, so there’s certainly no shortage of morning and afternoon snacks. Product Development is where it gets really fun, tasting and trialling so many different flavour combinations and options. Honestly, one of the other biggest perks is getting to work with such a great team who offer a supportive, enjoyable, flexible working environment – being a small business we’re all like family, and that’s a major plus in itself.