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Sunday / June 24.
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Martini Monday, anyone?

Morgan Spencer is a passionate young publicist and Director of Martini Mondays – a lifestyle communications agency specialising in digital and traditional PR strategies, social media strategy and execution and content creation. Read on for her thoughts about setting up your own agency, working with influencers and more …

When did you establish Martini Mondays? What propelled you to do it?
Martini Mondays was established in January 2016 when I was working full time in a social media agency in Sydney. I was freelancing at the time and saw a gap in the market for affordable PR, comms and social media services for small to medium sized businesses. As my freelance client based increased, I felt that it was a good time to make the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, business is in my blood and I knew working for myself was where I wanted to be. The next day I resigned from my job to start the business and since that day I have serviced 13 clients!

Where did the name Martini Mondays come from?
 The name Martini Mondays came to me one Monday after work when I was enjoying an Espresso Martini with a colleague. The name has stuck with me ever since. It attracts people’s attention which is what I wanted – I have received a lot of great feedback from potential and current clients on the name. it relates to what I do – fun and creative with a unique approach.

How important do you think your business name is – in terms of promoting your brand and reaching the type of clients you want to work with?
 Very important.  The name of your business is the personality of your brand. It represents who you are and what you do and will determine the clients that you attract. The personality of your business and your potential clients is all part of the branding process – name, design and colours of your brand.

“business is in my blood and I knew
working for myself was where I wanted to be”

Would you encourage recent graduates to set up their own businesses?
I certainly wouldn’t recommend starting a business until you have a few years of industry experience, preferably in agency under your belt. The PR landscape has changed dramatically and is certainly a lot more competitive, so it would be wise to get a solid few years on the board before starting out on your own. If you are serious about entrepreneurship, are ambitious and enjoy challenges, freelancing while you work full time will also prepare you for the pressures of business, it’s a great way to pick up some extra skills as well.

Morgan SpencerI have an intern working with me at the moment and she is fabulous! She has the dedication, resilience and ambition that I had when I was a hungry graduate and I can see her going down the entrepreneurial path in a few years. If you have a good attitude and are prepared for hard work and challenges, then business could be for you!

What’s the most difficult thing about working for yourself?
Every day brings new challenges, new opportunities and new experiences. There are never enough hours in the day and your inbox is never empty! Business definitely isn’t for the faint hearted.

The biggest challenge I find is juggling everything: service clients, run consults and workshops, attend meetings, recruit more clients, grow and run the day-to-day of the business and manage cash flow and resources. Last year I completely burnt out because I was doing everything – now I have operations in place, a book keeper and a subcontractor which means I no longer work 18 hours a day and have more balance!

Do you use social media “influencers” as part of your campaigns? If so, what qualities or measures do you use to determine whether to work with them?
Yes! I love working with influencers; forming great relationships with people who are passionate and working together to create great results and coverage for my clients.

Digital influencers have become an integral part of my client’s social media strategies. Partnering with niched micro-influencers helps bring maximum brand awareness, conversions and ROI to targeted social media campaigns.

I look at relevance, engagement, authenticity and reach to make sure I find the right opportunity and influencer for my clients.

Can you tell us about a campaign you’ve enjoyed working on?
There have been so many great campaigns over the last year! Although, I do have a soft spot and a passion for the start-up space, especially entrepreneurs who are taking a non-traditional path and doing things differently. I recently secured some great PR coverage for a tech-start up client who run their business from Bali. The campaign also involved working with a range of influencers across Australia – seeing not only my client get great results, but the influencers generate more leads and add value to their audiences through the collaboration was definitely a high point!